Duck Decoys

New, Used and Cheap Duck Decoys For Sale

To a duck hunter, his spread of decoys is one of the most important parts of his gear. It seems that having a large amount of decoys is nearly always the ticket. The key is to being able to have that large spread without breaking our entire duck hunting budget. If we can find some cheap duck decoys for sale we will be set.. Adding inexpensive decoys to your spread without skimping on quality is the way to go.


Foam and Plastic Duck Decoys


Avery Greanhead Gear Duck Decoys 

greenhead gear pintail duck decoy for sale

Carry-Lite Duck Decoys 

carry-lite duck decoys for sale

Flambeau Duck Decoys 

flambeau duck decoy for sale

Full Body Duck Decoys 

full body decoys for sale

G & H Duck Decoys 

g & h duck decoys for sale


Herter's Duck Decoys 

herters duck decoy for sale

Duck Decoy Species


Teal Decoys 

teal duck decoys for sale

Pintail Duck Decoys 

pintail duck decoy for sale

Coot Mud Hen Decoys 

coot decoys for sale



Done correctly, a spread will bring the birds in close for excellent shots and a much better chance at success. Once you have you spot picked out and you are sufficiently concealed, a great waterfowl spread is paramount to success while in the field. Couple that with successful calling and adequate concealment and you have the formula for a successful duck hunt.

At acrylic duck calling, we display all the major brands from G & H, Avery (Greenhead Gear), Herter's, Flambeau, Carry-Lite and others. You will find both new and used duck decoys for sale. Used decoys are an especially good way to augment your duck decoys cheap. Sure they have seen some wars in the past, but what decoy worth its salt hasn't? Besides, after you use them a few times they will have lost that new shiny appearance anyway. You are just cutting out the up front cost and finding an inexpensive way to augment your spread.

Another great strategy to employ with your duck decoy spread is to add some duck species that are common to the area to your spread. Sprinkle in a few pintail decoys and watch the duck go crazy over that long streamer of a tail. Place some canvasback decoys in there and notice how far away you will see the white contrast with the water. You aren't the only one to realize these fine tuned tactics, the passing ducks and geese will take notice also. Your spread will be the envy of the all the nearby hunters, and perhaps they won't even know why. Heck, maybe you just added a dozen goose decoys that won't impress a hard core duck hunter, will it? It will when the ducks are drawing a bead to head directly towards them right next to your blind. Geese decoys are a great way to both make your spread more visible, it also allows the ducks to feel at ease. Yes, the floating goose decoy is both a decoy for bringing in geese, but also for setting the birds minds at ease. These are called confidence decoys, and coots, goose decoys and others all do their part in making your duck decoys look like the real deal Holyfield.

As you can see we have just about every duck decoy for sale you could imagine!